Monday, July 29, 2013

WEEK 21 – “So Great a Cause as This!”

Hello Dearest Familia y Amigos!

It is so wonderful to read your letters! I am so grateful for the opportunity to write you all today. This week, and others, has just flown by. I cannot believe that I have spent 5 months on this mission already. This week came with different challenges, and the challenges of the coming week are going to be different still, yet my faith in God feels stronger and better. My love for this gospel is growing and changing, and I feel His angels around me every day. Sometimes I look back and realize He was there--walking the dusty roads of Yerbal with us. The more I ask Him questions, wait upon the Lord, and allow this gospel to shine through me, the more the answers come, the more our paths are lead in the right direction, and the more miracles happen.

This week was not monumental in baptism or people keeping their commitments, but it was still a good week. I admit it has been tough. The principle of agency has really beaten us down, yet I thank the Lord for preparing my companion and I to overcome this in hopes that this coming week we can mejorar nuestra compañerismo en la mejor manera (enhance our partnership in the best way). OH lol! Disculpe (excuse/pardon me). I am so use to thinking in Spanish. We are trying to better our companionship and the way we teach.

This past week I spoke, wrote, and studied EVERY DAY in SPANISH! Today is my English day. Starting tomorrow I am studying, speaking, learning, and thinking only in Spanish! The LORD is really helping us grow from doing this kind of intense study. He is changing our lives and I know that he is preparing the people for us. It is up to us to find them.

So many hearts, like Alma and Amulek, are hard. I found strength in Alma 37:33 hasta el fin (until the end). It really did make an impact. I am so grateful for the words of the scriptures. They help me in so many ways.

Lately I have had a little doubt enter my mind. Thanks be to the Lord for helping me over come it. I am on my way to understanding more as time goes on. I have researched for 6 days in anticipation to finding my answer. Last night, I made my doubt into a more specific question. He answered me specifically last night. I am working on breaking down my uncertainties into specific questions. It was hard to jump into the answers and really listen. When I decide to truly listen the Lord speaks peace and calms my fears. He helps me remember what I have learned. 

The principles found in "Lord, I believe" by Jeffery R. Holland have helped me immensely. To hold the (knowledge or) ground that you have already won (or attained), to fan the flames of your faith, to put forth your declaration of faith instead of your declaration of doubt. It has been incredible to see Ether 12:6 work in my life. I have received a stronger witness, thanks be to the Lord, after the trial of my faith.

Ether 12:6 is a scripture to highlight for Yerbal. It is tough here, yet I know the Lord is helping us and we will receive a witness after the trial of our faith. So MUCH is being required of missionaries, of members, and of the principle faith – here and everywhere. Testimonies alone are not enough. It takes a true conversion of the heart. I thank the Lord for the opportunities to be more converted in His ways.

May the Lord bless you all,
Hermana Hansen

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