Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dream to Reality- Served a mission in Uruguay Montevideo Mission

It is oddly terrifying standing in front of your whole life. For 20 years I worked towards the opportunity to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I could always count on that goal. And now, I have done it

It is harder than I thought yet worth it because I enjoy a good battle every now and again, there is no set goal of "TIME" ( Don't get me wrong, this can be liberating as well!!). You cannot say when I am ___ age I will be married, or at ___age I will have a job or 12 kids. Or in two months I will find out what my career will be. The mission was that for me! I knew, when I am 21 I will go on a mission (that changed by a year jump-start but hey! Loved every moment of it!) And I could always count on transfers every 6 weeks! I could count on my companion. I could count on the Time frame! 18 Months (not nearly long enough I might add). I could count on it. I built my life around it. 

So... Now what? ( I'm Glad you asked!)

Life has so many roads. I am just trying to find out what my next dream is! ( I hope you didn't think I was done) Oh no! I BELIEVE I CAN DO ANYTHING through Christ who strengthens me.

So stay tuned! Another dream is about to be born and you don't wanna miss it-- the sky is not be the limit with this eternal soul! (wink-face)