Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello Familia y Amigos!!  I send my warmest hugs and happiest heart to all of you!!

The scripture you shared with me, mom, has so much power and significance behind it. Especially since it describes my week, lol! The Yerbal area is one tough cookie. Ether 12:2-6 has really helped me too. It is so important to seek to have the spirit-- not only with me, but to also make it a part of me. I am grateful for the scriptures. The more I read the more the eternal principle of missionary work becomes a part of me. I feel so blessed to have the knowledge I have and to have a strong testimony of the eternal principles found in the gospel and its doctrine. I love learning and studying the scriptures and words of the living prophets. They have impacted me so much. The Lord has sent me so many incredible personal helps and promptings. 

I love my companion. She has quite a few quirks and she talks about as much as Joe Stack does. Strange for a girl I know, haha, but it’s true. And…she ONLY speaks to me in Spanish. Unfortunately, none of our investigators are really progressing right now. We are here to teach and preach and to be tested. We are here to serve and share the light of Christ.  We are here to love and to grow.  

I agree with Alma when he proclaims, “Oh that I were an angel and could have the desire of my heart. To proclaim and have them believe.” I hope more people will want what we have. To want this light, this peace, and this hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ Brings!! I am so grateful for it in my life. It is not easy, because SO often we here the words, “I  can´t!” or “Get out of here!” or “I just really don´t care about God.” Well, my dear Uruguayian – Uruguagos --God Cares about you, each of you. And so do I.

Honestly, more than any passage of scripture I CAN completely relate with Alma 26. Haha! We go from house to house, hoping that at least some souls will be ready, that some souls care enough about God to listen and to let the spirit teach them and that they will come to sing the song of redeeming love.

We walk a whole lot here, and yes, mom, my shoes are working out great! My coats are warm and honestly I feel well prepared. Karina, when shopping/packing for your mission, make sure you pack colorful clothes. Stay away from the browns and blacks! I love colors. I am so happy when I wear colors.

I think I finally have everything figured out with how to cook for myself here and get a decent balanced diet. The weirdest thing I have eaten so far  is… (Bethany Bailey you would be proud) …cow stomach. It was honestly the grossest and weirdest thing ever!!! It was slimy... and had weird pores on it. HAHA! I am so glad I didn`t have them translate what it was until AFTER I had eaten it. But my stomach still freaked out anyway. That was some real Uruguaso wonderfulness... haha :).

The Lord is really here. He has given us direction. I feel so grateful for the experiences I have had. My love and respect for the prophet Nephi has grown while here, especially as I share with others his story found in the first part of the Book of Mormon. I love how Nephi wants to know the truth of his father’s words (Chpt 2) and how he shares them with Sam, his brother. I cannot help but think of Karina and I with this situation. Still to this day we share the special and good things that we have learned! We rejoice in the testimony building moments of the other. The Lord has blessed my life with dear siblings and I am grateful I can share all kinds of things with them.

I like how Nephi first learns for himself (gains a testimony) then testifies that he will follow the Lord, see 1 Nephi 3:7. Then he is tested. His brothers want to turn back and he ends up following through with 3 different plans. And finally, through the will of the Lord and perseverance, the plates are obtained. The Lord prepared him saying that you will be a ruler over your brethren. Nephi’s faith is tested when he is far from his parents and their support. Line upon line Nephi’s faith it built. He is prepared. He has a testimony and the Lord places him where he needs to be to bring forth His kingdom. He is someone who the Lord can depend on. I have felt the words come to me as I teach these principles at different times and in different ways. It is kind of funny how it doesn’t ever come out at the same lesson twice. It is wonderful how the words come and I feel like they really are meant for the individual.

I have seen miracles occur when we are talking with less active members. I like how we are actually getting to know them with the time we have here and we are able to talk, joke, laugh, and share our love for God with them. We are making friends and I feel like I actually know them! It is so fun to see their personalities shining through and to feel the spirit working through us in their homes, their lives, and their hearts. Thanks be to God for this. I know it is by his hand that I have the gifts and blessings that I have.

My companion and I were asked to give the lesson in Young Women’s yesterday. I felt the Lord work through me with this. I desired to inspire and uplift the hearts and lives of the Uruguayan youth. Yesterday I felt so much love for these young women. The words came and we fully expressed the importance of families and making, being apart of, and deciding now who you will be. It was a powerful experience.

Mom, how great it is that you have the opportunity to work with Ms. Updike! I dearly LOVE her and the valuable principles she has taught in the hallowed walls of American Heritage are of eternal significance. How wonderful for you. Honestly, it has brought me to tears! 

This work is amazing! This next week (Wednesday) we will get a new mission president. I know this decision is of God. Thank you for your prayers, for your examples, and for the blessings you share with me. How wonderful is the Love of the Lord! He is in our lives. I love reading your letters and seeing how the miracles and blessings of God are occurring in your every day lives. I pray for each of you-- every time I get a chance. We are not alone. You are loved! I LOVE YOU and I know with all my heart that God is our loving Heavenly Father. You each have incredible potential! Never forget that God is LOVE. Every time you feel love and give love--it is of God.

Love you all,

Hermana Hansen

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