Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello Dearest Familia y Amigos of Mine!!

Thank you for writing me this week! It was good to read the words you wrote. I am so happy for Regina and her success! What blessing to her family. I know I have enjoyed the way she writes. She has a gentle and intelligent air to the way she writes. I like that. I hope to read her other books when I return. And thank you for sharing about Benoit´s sister! She sounds crazy WONDERFUL! lol We all love Benoit! lol How fun to get to know his sister.

This week has gone by in a wonderful way. I finally feel adjusted to missionary life. I live, breath, think, dream, and talk about the mission. My companion before was really quite "trunkie" (someone who thinks a lot about home). It feels like there is a higher standard where I am serving now. There are amazing things happening too. Through faith and trust in God hopefully we will see positive results and help more people attain the wonderful and sacred covenant of baptism. I have felt and seen miracles this week!

There was this one moment this week when I was talking with two men about the gospel. They were very religious and opinionated. They had talked to missionaries before and I didn´t really understand half of what they were saying, but I kept a prayer in my heart and relied on the promptings of the Holy Spirit. One of the "problems" they seemed to have with Joseph Smith was that he could have interpreted the words of God--translating the Book of Mormon differently --than the Lord would have wanted. I compared that to Moses and how he talked with God face-to-face LIKE Joseph Smith did.  Moses was given a higher law, yet the people weren’t ready. I phrased a question, “Do you think that Moses misinterpreted the 10 Commandments which is the foundation of religion on this earth?” They were surprised. They believe strongly in the bible and the 10 commandments, yet lol when they didn´t answer. I looked straight at them and said, “Moses didn’t misinterpret God’s word, and neither did Joseph Smith”.

As we continued to talk with them they asked me a question, the only part I understood was about the Holy Ghost.  The words came like a sun rising. I felt the words enter my mind and a page in preach my gospel came into my mind. A lightning of thought streaked across my brain. I talked about how the spirit prompts us that things are true. It is there to bear witness. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is when it is able to dwell in you and become apart of your being and a guide for your life. It can only come through someone holding the authority of God and after you are clean through the covenant of baptism you can receive it. I was still unsure If I had answered his question, yet I turned and asked, “Did I answer your question?” He eyes were surprised and he commented that I had answered it sufficiently. He was a little taken back and SO was I--quite honestly. It was really a great experience.

This week my Zone Leaders started something called FUEGO EN 33. This is when we have a goal and we watch as fire for the gospel message is sparked in different areas in Trenta Tres! These goals are stretching us each day to reach them, have faith, and work hard!!! Honestly I have never felt so tired at the end of the day. IT FEELS SO GOOD! This work is incredible!

Last night the Fuego Meta was to place 3 fecha bautizmals. It was the end of a long week, we had worked hard, and honestly I was exhausted. When we received this text, my companion and I could not help but feel a little overwhelmed. We had less then 3 hours to find 3 people and help them to get ready for baptism. We went to a quiet place and said a prayer and then went forth diligently upon promptings. The faith of my companion as she offered a heart-felt prayer, with directness and trust—was honestly a beautiful experience. 

As we walked we talked with a lot of people. The first person not interested. Could it be, the second person? We talked with him. He knew a boy in the Barrio de Obolisquo who was serving right now his mission in Brazil. He listened to our message. We got his directions and made an appointment. It went really well... Then we continued to walk on.

Later we encountered two girls. We stopped and talked with them. The beginning of the conversation was a little shaky but as we pressed on they listened, we gained their respect and both felt the spirit. They both agreed to be baptized on the 28 of July!! The Lord had answered our prayers. I waited for disappointment to set in. We had worked and we taught with the Holy Ghost, we were so close to the Fuego! Yet even though the first boy had not accepted baptism... disappointment never came. It was amazing I was instead filled with love and gratitude to my Lord and God. For all that he had done for me. I am so grateful for the faith of my companion and for our diligence. I know the Lord heard and answered our prayers last night.

In 33 my LĂ­deres de Zona are Elder Acosta y Elder Marroquine. I think you are familiar with them and their outstanding personalities. Their faith has transformed my mission. Their example has changed me and encouraged me to be ever closer to my Savior. They held a conference that was inspiring--teaching us about faith and repentance. It was an incredible conference. They teach with the spirit. They inspire my companion and I, the other Elders, and the rest of us to become all we can through the Lord. I am so grateful to be here on this mission! I feel empowered and I feel finally, YES this is what it means! This is how I desire to be! Yes Missionary work is an eternal Principle!

I had the chance to give a talk in Church yesterday. It went really well!! I am grateful for the opportunity to have given my testimony about "Every Member a Missionary". The words came through good preparation and feeling the Lord helping me. My confidence is gaining. I am grateful for this chance to grow in another language. Thank you mom for encouraging me to keep working hard!! Lol I needed that! <3

Blessed be the Lord. He is the way the truth and the Light! I LOVE this Gospel! It is amazing 70,000 MISSIONARIES and GROWING!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡VAMO ARRIBA!!!!!!!

The Lord is my light! May He be with you! And as this week presents it’s challenges, may we over come them with faith and trust in our loving Heavenly Father.

Hermana Kaitlyn Hansen

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