Friday, July 12, 2013



Hello Dear Family & Friends,

It feels so good to write you all today! I send my warmest hugs and my biggest smile to all of you! The Lord has really blessed me. The great thing (and the challenging thing obviously --yet lets not focus on that) is that with every new area and companion, you can start a-new. I have felt the redeeming power of the Lord as I am trying to set new goals and habits for this mission. 

My new companion is awesome! Her name is Hermana Peterson. I hope to get a photo for you all next week. (My camera broke... lol of course it did.) Our new area is considered one the hardest in the mission. Mom you remember that story about the guy that was going to Uruguay in the Mcdonald’s drive through? Well, we are good friends now and he is in the Secretary position right now. He told me that Yerbal of  Trenta Tres Uruguay is considered one of the hardest areas... Well, watch out Yerbal because Hermana Peterson and Hansen are ready and gearing up to build a solid foundation!

Hermana Peterson is like a mixture between Lisa Reid and Joe Stack... hahaha!! She is so unique and has a natural talent for learning the language. I seem to have a natural understanding of teaching (no where near perfect yet), but that seems to be a strong area for me. I am grateful for her positive and ready to work attitude. She had a hard companionship last transfer and we both feel so grateful for this change!! Our companionship is practically all Spanish speaking and so we are both progressing and helping this ward move forward. Right now only 37 members attend regularly…and this is out of 256 members! Yikes! MEMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT—especially these 37! They are doing all they can, yet the Menos Activos (less actives) are really hard headed.... It is going to take a while, but with the Lord’s help all things are possible! VAMO ARRIBA!

I love my new Zone and district leaders. Wow! I have never met men like them in my life. I feel so grateful and blessed to have their example in my life. I have never seen the way these Elders teach. I could almost picture the Savior being a part of their lessons. They have the spirit with them, they teach and they love. They have 100% obedience 100% and trust in God and 100% faith in the principles of the Gospel. I hope to obtain a photo of them as well. Seriously! I count them twice when I say my prayers of gratitude. Yes, the area is hard, yet I know God’s angels are beside us!

Mom I received your packages! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your letter. mmm Thank you. :´] you are the best mom! Thank you for the vitamins, for the bag, for the thoughts, for all you do for me and for our family.

Daddy! Thank you for all that you do. For loving mom! Thank you for serving a mission. When I have to walk up a hill I remember the story of your companion working off the "odd thing" he ate and I smile. Haha! 

Karina, thank you for your love for your prayers, and for telling me everything just as if I was there. LOVE YOU!

Kaleb, what a wonderful young man you are becoming. Thank you for your message about looking up! I love you. Thank you, you are rockin’ awesome!

Kimberli! I am so glad you had the opportunity to see our family! What a blessing. I hope you enjoyed it for the both of us :P ;D <3 Mom said something about you coming back to Utah? Tell me more.

To all my friends, thank you for your examples in my life!!!!! Thank you for your support. Thank you for all that you do in your home wards, for all the blessings you bestow and do for others. God sees you. He knows you! Each of us are Children of God. The closer I am to the Savior the more I see this. Weaknesses are a part of this life. And yes, trials can make or break us, yet if we remember the true principle of Love and look to God in every thought, nothing is impossible with God.

Thank you mom for your updates about home! Thank you for sharing the challenging RM companion stories from others with me. I feel not so alone now. I try to remember that “what we are is more important than what we´ve been, and what we can become is more important than what we are!”  If you have time look up Phillipians 1:4-7.

This is the Lords Work!!!! 
Hermana Hansen

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