Friday, July 12, 2013


WEEK 17 – “We Are Called to Serve”

Dearest Familia y Amigos!

WOW! It is sooo incredible! KARINA YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING GIRL!!! The people of Ecuador are so blessed to have you come! This work is so incredible. That mission conference yesterday was amazing!! I felt so blessed and yes, members make all the difference. If we don´t have a “missionary pro-active ward”, we won’t have as much success. We need members to have the spirit of love in our wards and to have a desire to share this love and light with others. When there is no love, then there is more room for offenses to happen and problems.

My companion and I had a baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!! Jessika Yaninia Marero Barrios!! She is one incredible girl! I am so grateful that she has made covenants with God. The reality of this whole baptismal process has really helped me see the value and importance of this church in every aspect of our lives. The water was freezing for Yaninia -- poor thing. Also, the level of it was below her knees because we forgot to assign someone to fill up the font. Oops! So she was freezing and then the drop for full immersion into the water was too much. She freaked out a little and her foot popped out and her head didn´t go fully under. W

When one of the priests finally did baptize her he literally had to hold her down because she would come popping up so easily. There was a moment after her first time down where she was literally frozen and she was breathing slowly and she hesitated for a long time. Her first look was one of, “I don´t know if I can do this?!" and then she had this total change come over her face, "Yes, I can do this!!" This gospel means so much to her already! 

On Sunday she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Her smile was indescribable. She is already talking about doing baptisms for the dead for her mother who died a little while back.  She talks about missionary work and how she wants her friends to feel what she feels!! She has expressed a desire to serve a mission like us too. She really loves Hermana Calderòn and I.  I feel so blessed to know her. Generations are impacted because of her decision Friday to be baptized. This church is so amazing. (There was a few things that happened and she was sadly not baptized with the others in the stake center like we had planned, but it was a special night and we made it all about Yaninia.)

OH MY GOODNESS Mom you are an angel sent from heaven! I have always known this. Thank you for all your updates. About Jaely, Sarah Simmons, Jessica Davis, Rachel Andersen, Freddy, and so many more! Thank you so much!!!! For all you are doing. WOW what a life you have! How wonderful that you are doing so much for so many mom. Seriously you are SO AMAZING! Thank you for helping Jaely. I am so PROUD OF YOU  MY DEAR BELOVED FRIEND--Jays you really are amazing. Keep going I love you. Jessica D. and I hope you like living in Utah! And Freddy... I pray that my letter finds him. The words I wrote were for such a time as this..... please mother, put his name in the prayer roll... he is such a good soul. The Lord knows Him. He needs God’s light in his life and I hope he finds it.

This past week has been crazy busy. We had the wonderful opportunity and blessing to be part of two open houses in other mission areas of Uruguay. This is where people come and go through a "tour-like” setting where they come to understand more about the basic beliefs about our church. I have seen so many miracles.  I have seen people’s lives change and a sense of understanding about who they are and what they are looking for through this experience. I feel so blessed to be a part of this church. This church is so incredible. Every aspect changes and influences lives in positive and beautiful ways especially when done the way God intended for them to be done. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity my district and I had to clean the temple today. The lady was so wonderfully nice. We were able to walk into different rooms. There was even an opportunity to enter the celestial room. We were wearing white janitor outfits to do the cleaning. I felt a sense of peace there. He sent his angels round about me. I felt beautiful...I felt whole. I thought about how one of my companions has been beaten and battered by the world in her life and I was hoping she was feeling the comfort and peace of the temple. I felt like there were people in the room comforting us and taking away our burdens. I felt the pure love of Christ swell in my heart. It was an experience I will never forget.

I send my biggest smile and warmest hug! I LOVE YOU GUYS so much. I am so grateful for so many things. God be with you! We each are called to serve!!!

Hermana Hansen

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