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   IMPORTANT NEW INFO! There has been a big change world wide with the communication methods for the LDS church missionaries.  For many years the full-time missionaries have only been able to email their parents and siblings directly - -and NOW they are allowed to email and receive emails directly from whomever they want!  This is big news!
   So with this new change please disregard all previous email address information I have given you for Kaitlyn. You can now email her directly and she can reply back directly to you directly via email as well. This makes communication with her so much easier and convenient.  
   Just like any missionary she would love to get a little note, message, or letter from any of her friends and family.  She will be checking her inbox on Monday's.  This new email address will not change for the remainder of her mission -- so it is good for the next 18 months, plus it is easy to remember!  Please don't feel obligated to write, but if you feel prompted to do so I am sure she would love to here from you.

   Email her directly at:

Hello Dearest Family!  

I have felt so much love and wonderfulness headed my way this past week. The time has flown by. There is a certain poem that comes to mind by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, A Psalm of Life.This is not word for word but here it is, 

"The lives of great men remind us that we can make our lives sublime, and leave foot prints in the sands of time, perhaps a long lost traveler shall see them and take heart again." 

I feel like this right now. I am reminded of all those who have traveled and have gone this way. The other missionaries who have paved the way and now it is my turn to carry the torch and light the way for others to come. I am reminded of the pioneers. "No journey or trial ahead of them was greater than the power that was behind them".

Thank you mom for sharing with me what Sis. Welch said, it is so true. There is a lot to adjust to. I have found myself in the back seat of conversations and yes, it has been hard, yet nothing I cannot handle. At first I was frustrated, I felt overwhelmed. Sometimes I seriously have to take a step back, look at the beauty around me, find my purpose, renew, say a simple & honest prayer, and then carry on. I am amazed at how the Lord strengthens and has lead me this week. 

A question arose one day this week, "Kaitlyn, how far are you willing to go?" Then this scripture came to mind D&C 112:28 or 23... "the man that puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God". For me this means that giving 95% obedience is good, but it does not make you 100% obedient. It is important to give it your all. This is when the scriptures become more a part of you, and start to fit right into your very character that true development can begin. 

I had another question along these lines. Those who know me know that I have a very strong love for IDENTITY. I wondered, how can I give all of me to the Lord and still be me and to not lose who Kaitlyn is. Then as I prayed, studied, and pondered on this question words, scriptures, and my own thoughts, etc. the answer came. The Lord revealed it to my mind with these thoughts. 

Is my image in your countenace? Allowing my world--which is my mind, to become more like my Savior, To seek qualities that He has, to be patient with myself and others, to not lose myself, but find out all that I can be with His masterful hands! Come unto me, Let me heal you, let me love you. I testify that the person I want to become is more like my Savior, I am not losing who I am, I am reaching to the very depths of my divine nature and grasping that infinite potential that is within me.

I asked the Lord a few times this week, why this companion? We have had a few bumps. Yet in all honestly at this very moment I wouldn`t trade her for the world. She is exactly what I need. Patient, caring, quiet, pensive, thoughtful. We are both serious souls so it is helping me step outside and be more light-hearted. I find that when I do everything goes better, the language, our relationship, and most importantly the work. 

The Lord is incredible. All I really need at this time is someone who seeks to understand me, a true friend. We have found that music speaks to our souls with such intensity. We take joy together, we cry together, we laugh and uplift one another. We encourage, and we share our faith and love of God with one another. Thank you Lord for Hermana Phillips!

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers, for your updates from home. Thank you for pictures, spiritual messages, and for taking my challenges seriously. I ligitamently have an incredible family. 

May I remember to be strictly obedient, to not run faster than I have strength, and to find joy in this incredible journey. Is my prayer,

Hermana Hansen

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