Friday, July 12, 2013



¡Hola mi capo familia y amigos!

¿Comò andan? (How goes it) lol. It was so great to see you all yesterday! I feel so blessed! A part of me thinks it was a dream! I am grateful I got to talk to you yesterday and also grateful to write a few things that have happened…because surprisingly enough, much has changed since I talked to you. 

I am no longer am being trained by Hermana Phillips. She is with a “Corto Plaza” sister which is a girl who comes in and serves a "mission" for “x” amount of time that we need her. She represents the church and she has arrived today! Her name is Hermana Florencia Laurito! What a sweetheart! She seriously looks and acts just like Holly Welch. Honestly I feel so blessed. And well, my new trainer is Hermana Calderòn from Peru.

The Lord has answered many of my prayers! I asked for a new trainer, to understand how to help this one push me harder in the language, or for someone new. The Lord still has allowed me to keep Hermana Phillips close though, yet have a HUGE Spanish push! Yeah! :D I am honestly really happy. I am a little worried about the whole zero English understanding thing, yet I know and have faith the Lord will help me over come this fear! I talked with my district leader about all these new things. He said, "Wow! Hermana Hansen, the Lord is preparing you for something great! There are so many new things you are experiencing in such a short amount of time". I feel a peace inside that he is right.

I had an epiphany the other day about Satan. I think one of the greatest verifications that our church is true is because there is honestly the MOST opposition against our church. The theory is still forming, yet I was thinking about how when the pioneers experienced all the hardship and how Joseph Smith defended the faith with his life. He gave everything. Satan took everything he could, yet still this church is thriving! Still this church grows, changes lives, and proclaims in every aspect the way we follow without ceasing our Savior Jesus Christ. 

There has to be opposition in all things! If there wasn`t, then we could not discern between right and wrong, truth and error. I think there was someone in General Conference that said to acknowledge the darkness, but not to dwell there. I feel such opposition yet, you are right mom, there are so many more people on the right side, and we have the three strong one’s that matter the most on this side--God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I know and testify that Satan is real, yet "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phillipians 4:13).

This past week...I hope to not ever be the source again of a week like this past week... We did not give it 100% and I am ashamed to report really no success either. I have really learned how companion’s attitudes (including myself) make or break a day. I truly am gaining a testimony about personal attitude and the effects of how stress can really change a companionship. I know that if we are each coming to God, and we choose to set differences aside, the coming weeks are going to as the Uruguayian’s say "Vamos Arriba!" = going up, gaining, growing lol :) 

I am excited for this new companionship and know that it will be a whole new challenge though too. Yet I am ready to apply what these last few weeks have taught me and continue to grow, continue to pray, and continue to walk the path that leads closer to my Savior.

Another challenge right now is just overcoming the effects of yesterday. lol I loved seeing you all yet it was indeed hard. You all seriously looked so wonderful. I loved hearing your laughs, seeing your smiles, crying with your tears. :) May we always remember the love that was shared and God be with you till we meet again!

Love you!
Hermana Hansen

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