Friday, July 12, 2013


WEEK 14 – “Nearer My God To Thee”

To my awesome Family and Friends!

You guys are seriously the best! I have felt your prayers and your love in my life so much this week and I hope that I continue to grow in gratitude daily. The power and reality of this gospel is so beautiful and divinely inspiring. I feel honored to be serving full-time and blessed to catch glimpses of the divine in moments when I least expect it. 

This week I feel as if I have grown in a beautiful new way. I feel like the Lord has heard and answered my prayers. 

While studying one morning I was thinking about my companion. She has been experiencing difficulties with her health. I was thinking about how she looks different than her photos of when she first arrived. I was thinking. This caused me to ponder on who I am going to be in the future and what I may look like? Who will I be, or represent, in the photos one year from now?

I am no longer so much like the bright-eyed & naive girl that I was while living in Utah. And actually the person and perspective I have now is preferred over that girl. I am grateful for the changes that have already happened and that will continue to happen. I am grateful for the opportunities that are now at my finger tips—opportunities that were not there when I was living my every day life in Utah. It is reminding me that by serving a mission, and having the opportunity to experience another culture and people, I am becoming more than I could have become if I hadn´t served. 

In a recent conference with the other missionaries, we were asked a question in context with the Plan of Salvation. What is our motive or goal here on this earth? My first thought was to live and do what I need to, to return and live with God. Then I realized that it is more than this. It is to become something so much more than we could have become without this experience. It is a chance to prove ourselves, to rely even more fully upon the Lord. It is an opportunity to become more like our beloved Heavenly Father. We lived in His presence and we knew, and know, that if we desire to progress it is through this mortal life. It is up to each of us to live, to learn, and to become more than we could have ever done alone.

I testify that we are not alone in this mortal journey. I feel the angels and the hand of God guiding our paths, helping me (us).  It is helping us to find those ready for the gospel. We do our part and God has promised to do His. This work is beautiful. It is life changing! I know that I will never be the same because of it. I know that with or without this name tag on my chest that I am a daughter of God, a representative of Jesus Christ, a member of this church, and a true servant of the Lord. I am not perfect. I have flaws. I thank God, my family, and my friends for your love and forgiveness. We are all in this together. We are trying to overcome the adversary together. 

What a beautiful and glorious foundation I have received in my life. I am so grateful to be born into a family where the gospel was fully apart of my life. Where knowledge and talents were fostered and encouraged to be expressed. We learned freely. The countless hours of support, aide, and the many precious family memories are incredibly valuable to me and I find myself more grateful than ever for them while serving on my mission. I am who I am because of this gospel, because of my education, and because of all the things my dearest wonderful family has done for me!

My cup runneth over. There was a moment recently when I felt so much gratitude for my blessings, enough to overwhelm me and make me cry for a few minutes.  I also had a pang of sorrow for my cello this week when a viola soloist entered the chapel this past Sunday. Oh how I miss my cello!! I miss our times together and the timbre of the ringing strings! I miss the vibrations against my chest and the unifying calm of the divine sounds. Thank you Mom and Dad for the opportunity to learn such a incredible instrument!!

God lives and loves us!! May we all draw nearer to our God is my prayer and may God be with you where ever you may be!

Hermana Hansen

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