Friday, March 22, 2013


Hola Familia y Amigos!  (03-20-13)

This week has been a bucket full of new challenges. My companions and I went proselyting for the first time. Our days went from being completely scheduled and our teachers playing the part of investigators, to now stepping outside, navigating the suburbs of Buenos Aries and teaching "real" people. The overall experience was really rewarding! We thank the Lord for his help in our efforts. When we came up with a plan so that more people would be put into our paths and we would be able to touch them with our message! Guess what!? We actually gave out 3 book of Mormons! One lady´s whose name is Suzanna held it so tight to her chest and said with a few tears forming in her eyes that she had been waiting for this book for many years. Another boy was speaking to us super RAPIDO in Spanish and finally... since we were not comprehending, he stopped and said, "I´m interested!!!" LOL. We taught him a lot of things. It was really  neat to see how some people would seek us and others we would have to seek.

This week the montra of sorts has been-- Its so easy to do things "half-way"--so it is time to STEP UP to the challenge of something greater! I thought of the famous saying, adapted to my situation, "Who am I to be talented, speaking Spanish, gaining intelligence  or being courageous? Actually who are you not to be! You are a child of God, your playing small does not benefit anyone". Be a light, become like the Light, Share the light!

Last week I went to the temple, and after writing you today I will be going again. I was praying to my Lord and wondering why certain blessings were not yet coming. I have been diligent. I have and am being dedicated. I care and support  my companions. Dear Lord what else, what is holding back thy aid. Then as though a quiet whispering wind I felt the words, "are you being grateful?" I realized I need to give more thanks, To have an attitude of no complaining, no speaking ill of others or giving the glory to myself and not to God. God is in all things! In Romans 12:21 "be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good¨. OVERCOME Evil with Good! Let not Satan tempt you for something less than greatness. 

There is this quote from John Bytheway I have been reading. I don’t have it by me so I will just paraphrase it. "Imagine your mission as a stone block in front of you. What do type of creation do you want to carve out? This is the foundation for the making of the rest of your life. Do you want a half-hearted, home sick, mediocre mission? Or do you want a stalwart, courageous, full-throttle mission? You decide what you will give to the Lord." 

In our devotional this week, I came to the conclusion that everything belongs to the Lord accept what? Our agency our willingness. Obedience is number one! Yes I am trying to be obedient even in the small things. What else have I to give? My attitude, my time, my will and striving to see things as God sees them. Take my life and let it be always to honor my King. 

Music!! I miss my cello a ton. I miss the stress relieving capabilities it has. I miss Beethoven ! LOL I find myself applying what Beethoven has taught me. Control yourself and then you can master what is on the page. Control yourself, so that there is no inner battle occurring and the Lord can have you as His servant. Be able to converse and communicate with God (Alma 7:23 and D&C 18:10). I also feel like what Kayson  (my cello teacher) taught me really can apply with learning a language. MAKE new pathways in your head!! 

Also the wonderful cycle of Create, Listen, and Correct-improve! Then start again! Change does not come overnight! It happens through small and simple steps. Making new pathways, Planting seeds of faith and new knowledge so that one day in the near future we can take our harvest and bless the lives of many!

This past Sunday I was asked to put together a musical number for the devotional of Ann Dibbs (yes the daughter of Pres. Thomas S. Monson). We sang "How Great thou Art". It started A'Capella  I was a solo for the first few lines, then an alto joined me, and then a group of girls on the chorus!! We sang three verses. The second was with piano and in Spanish  The third was triumphant and in English  with the chorus in Spanish  It was phenomenally done!! I am so proud of the girls here in the C.C.M! 

This week has been very humbling. I feel like missions are our own personal honing devices. They strike at our weaknesses. This week I have felt the blows from my companions a lot about me being too self-centered. I have struggled with pride and I have found myself falling to my knees for guidance. Bruised a little I stand and with a new perspective I press onward. It is the beginning of a long journey, yet I know my God is with me!

The picture "Living Water" by Simon Dewey has been sitting on my desk all week. Are we not all beggars? Do we not all look to the same God for aid? (Mosiah 4:19). How do I treat others, what is my purpose, do I kneel at his feet for guidance?

As time goes on I do miss you all so much! I love you my dear family. I do not feel tears come or sadness, I just feel a lot of love. You are my greatest strengths and you know me better than anyone! I cannot help but think of "Little Women". My rebellious Joe side springa through. I don´t want things to change, but I can stand being here.. My beloved marmy comes up and says, "Joe I love you". Or I hear dear Beth... why do things have to change, don´t leave me behind. I see Karina. I miss Karina...  I feel so close to the story of "Little Women". The feeling of adventure and the love of Marmy´s home!! I sing Here we come a caroling! And then I transport myself to your feet mother, reading us a beautiful novel, filling our minds with morals and good principles. I hear your tender voice singing me to sleep or the laughter of Kaleb making us all crack up! You are in me, My heart, my thoughts, the way I see and help others. And may we all come together again some day. "Ding-dong merrily on high, the heavenly bells are ringing!"

May God be with you! May each day be filled with happiness. Know that I am well! That the Lord, through my will is allowing me to become His! I am a missionary, I always have been and always will be. (Please listen to Dallyn Vail Bayllas version Savior, Redeemer of My soul) That is a love I have. That is my soul's song.

I know this Church is true. All my love!
Kaitlyn Hansen


WEEK 2 -- 03/14/13

Hola Mi Familia y Mi Amigos!!!

When trying to start this email I feel the rush of words I desire to say and the experiences I wish to share. Hopefully in the amount of time given I can adequately express myself. It is amazing to me how fast these 2 weeks have gone by. The feeling of divine intervention has crossed my mind multiple time. His tender mercy and hand in my life is evident. 

A huge and beautiful blessing is my companionship. They are incredible women. Each day I learn something new from them, each day they encourage and uplift, and each day we become stronger in teaching and speaking the language  Hermana West and Hermana Coles are exactly the people I need in my life at this time.

Yesterday I had a meeting with President Openshaw. We talked about many things. He asked me, Do you like it here in the C.C.M (MTC). I was about to reply simply yes. Then he asked me, how do you feel about your time so far in the C.C.M. I thought about it and to me the feeling of fulfillment entered every part of me. I explained, each day I look back with happiness to know I have done all I can do. I did my best and today it feels good enough. I feel like I have hardly had anytime to think about missing my family but appreciating them more. I feel grateful for the growth I have had every day. I feel satisfied with how I use my time. And I feel confident that this is where the Lord wants me. I told Him, as I am telling you now, how I am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord, for the people in my life and for the language opportunities I have been given.

Also in that interview we discuss why on Sundays we talk about deep doctrine topics. I wondered why he does this. He asks us to apply our personal knowledge and scripture study with the ponderings we may have. Basically he constantly encourages us to think for ourselves & to be our own people!! This made me immediately think of 4 R'ing!! I commented and told him about research, reason, relate, record. He said I think there is another R missing--Revelation. As missionaries we need revelation! We need that opportunity to teach and know the Spirit. I liked his insight on foundational principles. 

This next paragraph-- Here me out :). The other day I was enjoying the outdoors and then it hit me. About this time of day back home I would be doing this. Sarah would be getting off work and we would go hang-out, do something random (like catch sheep :P or eat chocolate bacon lol!!) or I would be doing something else at this time. I was thinking about how on average my days are sort of monotonous. How they seem to be the same. Here at the MTC they are the same too.. lol each day feels like Ground Hog day. The same people, the same classes, the same teachers.. lol the same feeling of the language frustration... 

I felt, like wow, it would be awesome to go home right now with all the new things I have learned, I feel like I have changed so much! I am a different person, I feel edified, I feel different. Then I was like, but why would I do that? Because I miss my friends, or because I want to be with my family... Then I thought more. The spirit testified to my heart this new message. Sure Kaitlyn, you could go home, then he put images of my missionary friends like James Simmons or Katie Joe, Dane Maes, and so many others! I remember thinking how incredible they are. The feeling of the refiners fire and phenomenal personalities. Sure I may feel different after two weeks, but I don't want to miss out on what 18 months will create.

The feeling was, I don't want to miss out on discovering that infinite potential that still needs creating time! 

The language is coming! Each day I feel more confident. As the new group of Latinos are trickling in. I feel happy and ready to talk with most of them. I cannot communicate fully, but I try and help them feel welcomed. At lunch both Hermana Latina's sat by me. It was great to talk with them. I am glad that with the new Latina group I feel welcomed. I may be a crazy Americana,  yet my love for them is wordless, I think it is called countenance. As Elaine S. Dalton said, "It shows in your face".

I honestly love these Latinas!  They have incredible spirits. The people are truly incredible. I would like to pay a beautiful tribute to my dear Hermana Olmos. She just left for the Buenos Aires South mission. I felt so much love from her. Even though we did not speak the same language she was always there for me. Looking out and caring about me and my day. She was patient and encouraged when it come to me speaking Spanish with every new word I learned she would give me thumbs up and allow me to repeat after her what things were. I feel like I grew much by her quiet, humble, and sweet example. May the Lord be with her as she serves. And God be with her 'till we meet again.

Today I was reading in the scriptures, Hebrews 6:10-20 and another one somewhere. It was talking about mansions. I felt this beautiful feeling and question. Kaitlyn, what kind of mansion are you building? I thought about it. I thought about where I put my values? Then to be honest, Grant Andersen came into my mind. He to me is selfless and is building his mansion above. I feel his loving example shine through in the beautiful Andersen children. I felt like Bro. Andersen often put the focus where it is most needed. He is humble and intelligent, caring and encouraging. I know we have not talked all that much, but his example to me came to mind when reading this scripture. 

So what matters to me? My Savior and Redeemer, I know that He has never given up on me. I feel blessed and know that without a doubt my family matters to me. I feel like people come into my life for a reason and they make a place for me in their heart. I know that is all that needs to matter. May the Lord be with you! 

Hermana Hansen

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photos from Argentina CCM--MTC!

I'm in Argentina! With the Elders from the Uruguay mission district!

My companionship and the mission CCM leaders.

Room 103's "Totally Righteous Hermanas" at the C.C.M!
Buenos Aires, Argentina Temple -- next door to the CCM!

Me and Elder Borgardus

Me in front of the Argentina MTC -- CCM!

Mi Latina Compañeras!

Mis compañeras!!!! Hermana West in the middle and Hermana Coles!

My dear Hermana Gonzaléz (left) and Hermana Olmos (right)!

The mission district that just left yesterday and they are like "Hermana Hansen hop into the photo!" So i did!

All of us sisters from America at the Buenos Aires temple.

Me and the girls from the Moroní district. Hermana Olson and Hermana Soderggeres (middle).

Elders in my district-- Bogardus, Ramirez, Ipson, Poulter, and Ve´e

My whole district!!!

Our crazy latinos!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Week 1

Hola Mi Familia y Mi Amigos!

It was wonderful to see your wonderful emails in my inbox when I opened it up today. We have been working so hard and I feel the spirit so strongly. To be honest I feel like we have hardly any time to think about you guys. They work us from sun up to sun down. Mis compañeros and I are learning much spanish!! It is incredible the teachers we have. 

Forimanti (yes dad he is from italy!) is really a sweet guy and just got back from his mission 4 months ago. We are his first class. We learn about the gospel and how to teach investegators. Then there is Moronico! Crazy hard core teacher who whips us into shape faster then whipped cream :P lol.

My COMPANIONS! they are amazing girls. I feel so blessed to have them in my life! I love how they are always there for me and how they help and strengthen my life. Hermana West is REALLY strong in spanish and has been helping Hermana Coles and I speak better as time goes on. We have had a total of 4 investegator lessons, literally teaching the gospel to a teacher pretending to be a ligitament investagator. I am so grateful to have these two incredible sisters by my side. 

There are 10 of us Americanos in the Aáron district. We are all so strong in so many ways. I look around at each companionship and I know that they are meant to be there. Each has a strong testimony, excellent comments, and phenominal commitment. We all feel on fire to be here and it is the 8th day! 

The C.C.M is incredible! The mission President is intense and well rounded. He has much knowledge of the scriptures. It is incredible to me how the Lord knows exactly who I need in my life. I have never heard someone pray for me as President Openshaw did for me on the first day here. I feel inspired and each day I grow closer to the Savior and closer to learning spanish. 

The schedule they have here has really helped me! I feel uplifted and inspired. Monday was hard day for me. The language seemed like a huge bolder crushing me...I think i know how atlas feels. Spanish is hard. Yet I know with time i will get it. This past Sunday was fast sunday! As a district we all fasted for the gift of touges. I can tell you the spirit was incredible. Words cannot describe the unity we have and the power in purpose. Our teacher Morinco after the prayer was said starting it had a little tear in his eye. This was unlike him and we know he felt our unity!

Thank you so much for your update from home. Mom there are so many things you wrote! I don´t think i got to all of it. we only have thirty mintues to write you. Kaleb your words were great!! I love it here! I am getting to know so many people!! The Latinas are incredible and they really have come to be my hermanas. 

Please keep your emails breif. you know me, i will feel you in on much! I love you all so much!!

Hermana Kaitlyn Hansen