Monday, September 30, 2013

WEEK 29 “The Day Dawn is Breaking & He is Shooting Himself in the Foot”

Dear Familia y Amigos! :)

Wow! This week has felt long in some ways and short in other ways. I know that the Lord has really helped me overcome some things though. I am still in Yerbal. Sad to say it has been a battle—and lately, every day to think, wow… 6 more weeks of Yerbal. There has been many a time when I have felt like I couldn´t go on...yet something inside of me said "hold on". When there are transfers it’s often a good time to make new metas, GOALS. You know me. I am so much my mother´s daughter... Goals! How can I improve? What lack I yet? Sometimes that list gets pretty long. Yet I guess that’s our way of saying, I am not perfect. Lord if thou wilt thou canst make me whole. To which the master siempre (always) responds, "I will, be thou whole." First it is by our faith, our actions, and our diligence that we become clean, whole, and free from the sins that hang on our hearts and minds.


This past week so many answers came…so many moments of comfort. I know that Yerbal is preparing me for different types of trials that I will have in my life. I know that the Lord is in His work and though my efforts are not shown in numbers or on paper I am changed. I love my companion and I have come to know the Lord in a way that is beautiful to me. 

This past Sunday I gave a talk that I call "Teach Me To Walk In the Light". Thanks be to the Lord that I was able to deliver a message about the Love of Christ and His light—which is a part of each one of us. I spoke about how we should forsake those things that are no longer worthy of light and put them in their place with the Love and healing power of Christ. (Romans 13:12 and The Light of Gods Love by: Dieter F. Uchtdorf). Teach me Dear Lord to walk in the Light.

A few nights ago I had the chance to walk along the streets. We were looking for an antinguo investigador. We came across this elderly man named Flor Pinto. He has had a tough life. He lives in the country to care for live stock and garden, yet recently moved back to the "city" (which isn’t really a city) to care for his health. He told us of his many experiences and openly admitted that he doesn’t believe in God. He talked with us and asked us "why do people suffer? Why do we go through things that are bad?" He kept talking. Finally he slowed down and took a breath... Then it went silent. We started to talk with him. My companion shared with him the Book of Mormon about opposition in all things. Yet he didn’t want to listen... Finally I felt the testimony grow within me. I felt such love for this man, and at the same time I was tired that he wasn’t even caring to hear the beautiful promises of the Lord. I know with all my heart that God is the God of the living and that agency is a precious gift of God. We are free to look on the positive or the negative. That will be moments in our life when it is dark and when it is full of hurt and pain, yet I know with out a doubt that there will always be light after the dark of night.

I told this man that if he desired to know for himself that this church was true to come and see for himself. I encouraged him to look and ask questions, to open his heart and let the Lord talk to his soul, because I always know the Lord has something to say to me when I do this. I told him about how God is patient. He is loving. He is the Lord of our souls and the author of our salvation. I know that today is the day that Flor can accept the gospel of Light and the Love of God. That he doesn´t have to sit in darkness, but to have a peace and the knowledge that his life has purpose. He looked at me with a lot of concentration. He didn´t blink, he looked at me. I saw such light enter his eyes. Then it happened and this scripture entered my mind…for the natural man is an enemy to God and has been forever and ever unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and putteth of the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ." HIS NATURAL MAN KICKED IN. He denied the spirit which I know testified to him of his divine origin.... It was quite frustrating... He started to talk again... about trials and suffering. I kindly invited him to pray and that if he wanted to know more we invite him to come and see... Only the Lord knows if he will or not

After this experience we went to a house of a member to see if they could accompany us to a lesson with one of our investigadors named Leonardo. Elias Goygochea came with us. It was at first a odd lesson.... lots of sarcasm… if Spanish has sarcasm.... lol. Elias had been told some background about Leonardo but not much. As we started the lesson, I was amazed at how calm Elias was. He sat and then rose to make a statement. He told of his dark past and how he had been alone, hurt, and made a lot of serious mistakes in his life. He invited Leonardo with such love and power of "every member a missionary" to come to church, to see what the church is and sealed this invitation with a solid testimony of the Church has changed my life. I have felt the Loving power of the atonement in my life and I know that I will forever be changed because of this knowledge. Come and See for yourself. 

I finally translated all of this (in our visit)... By the time I did I felt an overwhelming love of God for Elias, for my sisters, for my life that I have, for the knowledge and for the answers of Hope that I have received. I was amazed and I felt the redeeming power of the Savior flow through me like a gentle waterfall. I did get emotional. The spirit hummed throughout the room... it was silent. It was clear, my words were of encouragement and a second witness of the truth to what Elias had testified.

Yet when all was said and done, Leonardo stated frankly that he had no desire to attend church. I looked at him in surprise. His obstinacies were negative... I felt a little perturbed... I was thinking to myself, this is kind of like you are shooting yourself in the foot. The Heavens are open unto you, Leonardo, and I know not more what you need?! I felt frustrated yet full of such pure love for this man and desired him to put down his defenses, pride and social status and come to the Lord God. I felt like the lesson ended well though. The Lord is in this work. He testified to my soul that He has a plan. This deep knowledge has brought me closer to my Lord and Savior. Though Yerbal be like a millstone around my neck, may I constantly remember the Lord God, may I forever be an instruments in his Hands. Though I be but a mortal woman, I know the Lord gives and the Lord takes (and He has given me mucho).

2 Thes. 5-24 has really helped me this week – Look into it! 


Hoy Es El DÌA!!!!
Hermana Kaitlyn Hansen

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