Monday, September 16, 2013


Dearest Familia y Amigos,

There are so many people who have emailed me this week! WOW I feel loved! It was at first hard for my brain to switch over to English and wow... I have been able to write many people and have found so much strength for the coming week.

Mom, to answer your question, there are areas to print of things, if you send me a link to another area that is not in the LDS web page we have been asked not to open it, if the talk is in the email I can print it out for later. We are not using the social network things yet. Uruguay is behind in the technological sense.

Uruguay is going well!! My area is good. I feel like this week has flown by. Quite frankly there are so many different things to write and so little time. Recently I went to Chuy, which is right on the border of BRAZIL and Uruguay. It was sweet! I went to Brazil this past week too. We did an Open House for the church and wow, amazing things happened!

The Casa Abiertas “Open Houses” are for the people who don´t know much about the church and would like to learn more. There are a lot of things that we teach and discuss at these. The first 3 lessons in “Preach My Gospel” are taught and we do what we can to help bring the spirit. I have so many amazing stories I could share. There was this couple that came in near the end of the night. Raul is an Atheist and his girlfriend was very religious. There was a special spirit in the Sacrament room. I saw Camilla take the hand of Raul and a few tears entered her eyes. I felt like angels were softening the heart of Raul and that we were perhaps the answer to many silent prayers of this devoutly religious woman. They were from Santiago, Chile and this was the first time that they had heard the gospel. 

We might be having a baptism next week! I am so excited. Her name is Shirly. Wow! She is so prepared. We have had so many people fall through, yet not this one. She herself personally set the date for her baptism. She has a strong love and faith for God. I know that He has prepared her for us.

Thank you, Daddy, for your words about faith and being able to change a whole city. I think that is exactly the difficult road the Lord has called me to bare here. I feel overwhelmed at times. The salvation of so many is waiting to be done, yet there is peace in knowing that the Lord’s plan will always succeed. I know the Lord is God. That he will always help those who trust in him and who are exactly obedient. I know the Lord lives and that he Loves His missionaries. The more I am out here in the field the more I love and am strengthen by the counsel of the Prophets. I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!! My poor Liahona… it is so battered and worn... lol this is not good, but I know conference will help!

I love you all! I feel so much strength from you all! This church is true. I hope to grow a lot this Transfer.

I love this work!
Hermana Hansen

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