Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello Dearest Familia y Amigos!

It is so good to hear from you all! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the fotos! Thank you so much for sending me information about Kaleb receiving his Patriarchal Blessing and Karina her endowments! Wow! What changes. Thank you for being wonderful and close to the Lord. Karina, thank you for the quote and update on your life… I LOVE You. 

WOW! LOTS and LOTS of changes! I am a trainer for a new and wonder Ecuadorian :D Sister Missionary. SHE IS seriously incredible. She is 20 years old and YES, my wonderful Karina, you read that right, she is from ECQUADOR :D I get a little piece of where you are going right here with me too. She is really amazing. Her name is Hermana Pazmiño. From what I can tell so far the youth programs and the strength of the people/members in her country is simply astounding. Hermana Pazmiño is prepared for the mission and loves the Lord with all her heart and she has such a beautiful heart. Her love for life is so beautiful and I seriously love being her trainer. We have already begun to perform milagros por Dios (miracles for/with God).

We had a baptism this past week! Maria Julia is 87 anos. It was seriously a miracle that she got baptized. We fasted and prayed with all our hearts. It was a neat experience. I hope that we can continue to be diligent and full of faith so that the Lord will lead and guide us. We have 4 or 5 more baptisms planned too. May the Lord God lead us and help us. They are all wonderful people. With God’s Love we hope to extend and help them complete their commitments with the Lord. And WOW! THE LIGHT that shines from their eyes directly after their baptism…words cannot describe this moment. It is awesome!

This past week we were trained and met our new OROS. The excitement was wonderful! I love being around other missionaries. I am grateful for the determination and love of other missionaries. We are unified and our friendships are built on eternal principles. One Elder made a comment that helped me immensely. I came into the trainers conference with a few questions. Elder Barlow answered these questions. He bore testimony of what his trainer taught him and what he learned. I think we can all apply them to our lives.

1.) Look for milagros (miracles) every day and learn to wait on the Lord. Be they small or big. (Don´t forget to look for the Forget-me-nots amidst the giant Orchids of life)
2.) Teach and live the "why´s" of obedience. Our agency is the most precious gift we have. As we learn to control ourselves and give ourselves to the Lord, He makes us whole. 
3.) Use the scriptures unto conversion. I truly agree with this. It is the doctrine of Christ that heals. It is the peace of His words that guides, that protects, that applies to everyone.

A thought hit me as we were riding back from the transfers, in that all of us are SO different. WE all feel different, have different personalities, yet it is our love in Jesus Christ that unifies us. It is the GOSPEL that relates to every single person. I know and testify that this is true. God knows us. He provided the way to return through Jesus Christ. 

I am grateful for personal revelation, for the many opportunities to grow, and for the angels that are here round about us to bare us up. I believe in Christ. I believe in redemption. I believe that as we come unto God He will make us whole. Every day I feel like I am lacking in one way or another, but I have seen the Lord enter my life, and make up the difference and more.

I really feel like the quote Karina sent me: “The Lord can perform remarkable miracles with a person of ordinary ability who is humble, faithful, and diligent in serving the Lord and seeks to improve himself.  This is because God is the ultimate source of power" (James E Faust)

I know that there will always be trials and there will always be opposition. May the Lord prepare and strengthen me to overcome the challenges that come our way. 

I am so happy all is going well. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY JOHN from HONG KONG!! May the Lord bless you for your awesome personality and hard work. What amazing blessings come to those who believe. 

With each new day, I thank the Lord that He provided the way.
Hermana Hansen

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