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WEEK 4A – 03/28/12

Kaitlyn was given more time than usual to be able to write home and so she wrote two letters this week.  Here is the first of the two. She mentions how much she enjoys the little notes of encouragement at the end of this one. If you wish to send her a little message (1 to 4 sentences in length), as some of you already have in reply emails,  I am happy to attach these little notes to the letters I send her.  It looks like she will only be in the MTC for 5 ½ weeks total – it is all happening so quickly!

Hola Mi Familia y Mi Amigos! Te Amo!
I have only 12 days left in the MTC! Words cannot describe how fast time has flown, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." I feel like if we serve as companions and use our time wisely, the days will FLY by because every moment is precious. 
I am doing extremely well. Great news! Today one of our progressive investigadores (I.P) committed to baptism! I have been praying for a few days now (and will continue to pray) to know if the Lord will really express this beautiful truth to the heart of our investigators. As my companions and I talked with Tómas (our investigator played by our teacher who we practice with), the spirit was really strong! I kept feeling these promptings to give up looking for certain specific scriptures and then the prompting would be more like look in 2 Nephi, or just start flipping through Mosiah—and I found what I was looking for. Both scriptures shared today really helped our investigator!! I am so excited that the Lord was helping us learn, even if it was just practice. "I shall be on thy right hand and on thy left." (D&C 84:88).
I feel confident that each day if I give the language my best effort the Lord will be proud of me. I don’t expect to learn Spanish in 4 weeks, but I do expect to do my best! If each day I can look back and say, I have done all I can do, then what more could I have done? 
The MTC is incredible. The spirit is so strong. I have made friends with the Latino Chefs! LOL! We enjoy talking each day. They ask me things about myself. I find it is good practice. Even though every two weeks we get new Latino missionaries the Cooks always stay the same. They are wonderful people. Some live 2 hours away via bus and still they are here at 7:00am everyday. Wow! They are all members and I love the food they cook-- lots of meat, potatoes, and there is a salad bar every day. 
My schedule does not change from day-to-day. I wake up at 6:30 :) my alarm doesn´t even do it! I wake  up naturally now :)-- kind of neat. We eat breakfast when ever we are ready between 7-7:30, then at 8:00 we do personal study, 9:00 we learn how to teach better, at 10:00 we do grammar, 11:00 companion study, and at 12:15 Lunch (Almeruzo). After lunch more grammar and we do the TALL program (on computer for Spanish study), then Actividad Fisica time!! Lately we have been playing basketball--extremely awesome, it is co-ed and honestly it is so fun! After showering and such, we head back for more grammar study and/or gospel focus study. Then dinner is at 6:45 and afterwards Idioma (language) study till Planamentino at 9:00pm! That is my day, every day :) I quite enjoy it!
I will have gone proselyting in the Beunos Aires area a total of 3 times by the time I leave here. The people are wonderful. We have heard a lot about the new Pope. People here seem to have a lot of "pride" towards this because he is from Argentina.
I have gone every week to the temple! I am so excited to hear about Jerianne and Cheryl getting their endowments. The Lord is so good to us! And congrats to Karina and her dance competition! 
Also how fun that Uncle Ryan and his family will be living with us in our home. The Lord works in mysterious ways, mom :) It will be good to have their sweet little spirits in our home. I am excited for the opportunity for Kaleb to play more with the sweet little ones. Also it will be good for other reasons :) 
THANK You for sending all those little notes along about people who know me and who send their uplifting and encouraging messages! I feel your prayers.

Hermana Hansen

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