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WEEK 2 -- 03/14/13

Hola Mi Familia y Mi Amigos!!!

When trying to start this email I feel the rush of words I desire to say and the experiences I wish to share. Hopefully in the amount of time given I can adequately express myself. It is amazing to me how fast these 2 weeks have gone by. The feeling of divine intervention has crossed my mind multiple time. His tender mercy and hand in my life is evident. 

A huge and beautiful blessing is my companionship. They are incredible women. Each day I learn something new from them, each day they encourage and uplift, and each day we become stronger in teaching and speaking the language  Hermana West and Hermana Coles are exactly the people I need in my life at this time.

Yesterday I had a meeting with President Openshaw. We talked about many things. He asked me, Do you like it here in the C.C.M (MTC). I was about to reply simply yes. Then he asked me, how do you feel about your time so far in the C.C.M. I thought about it and to me the feeling of fulfillment entered every part of me. I explained, each day I look back with happiness to know I have done all I can do. I did my best and today it feels good enough. I feel like I have hardly had anytime to think about missing my family but appreciating them more. I feel grateful for the growth I have had every day. I feel satisfied with how I use my time. And I feel confident that this is where the Lord wants me. I told Him, as I am telling you now, how I am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord, for the people in my life and for the language opportunities I have been given.

Also in that interview we discuss why on Sundays we talk about deep doctrine topics. I wondered why he does this. He asks us to apply our personal knowledge and scripture study with the ponderings we may have. Basically he constantly encourages us to think for ourselves & to be our own people!! This made me immediately think of 4 R'ing!! I commented and told him about research, reason, relate, record. He said I think there is another R missing--Revelation. As missionaries we need revelation! We need that opportunity to teach and know the Spirit. I liked his insight on foundational principles. 

This next paragraph-- Here me out :). The other day I was enjoying the outdoors and then it hit me. About this time of day back home I would be doing this. Sarah would be getting off work and we would go hang-out, do something random (like catch sheep :P or eat chocolate bacon lol!!) or I would be doing something else at this time. I was thinking about how on average my days are sort of monotonous. How they seem to be the same. Here at the MTC they are the same too.. lol each day feels like Ground Hog day. The same people, the same classes, the same teachers.. lol the same feeling of the language frustration... 

I felt, like wow, it would be awesome to go home right now with all the new things I have learned, I feel like I have changed so much! I am a different person, I feel edified, I feel different. Then I was like, but why would I do that? Because I miss my friends, or because I want to be with my family... Then I thought more. The spirit testified to my heart this new message. Sure Kaitlyn, you could go home, then he put images of my missionary friends like James Simmons or Katie Joe, Dane Maes, and so many others! I remember thinking how incredible they are. The feeling of the refiners fire and phenomenal personalities. Sure I may feel different after two weeks, but I don't want to miss out on what 18 months will create.

The feeling was, I don't want to miss out on discovering that infinite potential that still needs creating time! 

The language is coming! Each day I feel more confident. As the new group of Latinos are trickling in. I feel happy and ready to talk with most of them. I cannot communicate fully, but I try and help them feel welcomed. At lunch both Hermana Latina's sat by me. It was great to talk with them. I am glad that with the new Latina group I feel welcomed. I may be a crazy Americana,  yet my love for them is wordless, I think it is called countenance. As Elaine S. Dalton said, "It shows in your face".

I honestly love these Latinas!  They have incredible spirits. The people are truly incredible. I would like to pay a beautiful tribute to my dear Hermana Olmos. She just left for the Buenos Aires South mission. I felt so much love from her. Even though we did not speak the same language she was always there for me. Looking out and caring about me and my day. She was patient and encouraged when it come to me speaking Spanish with every new word I learned she would give me thumbs up and allow me to repeat after her what things were. I feel like I grew much by her quiet, humble, and sweet example. May the Lord be with her as she serves. And God be with her 'till we meet again.

Today I was reading in the scriptures, Hebrews 6:10-20 and another one somewhere. It was talking about mansions. I felt this beautiful feeling and question. Kaitlyn, what kind of mansion are you building? I thought about it. I thought about where I put my values? Then to be honest, Grant Andersen came into my mind. He to me is selfless and is building his mansion above. I feel his loving example shine through in the beautiful Andersen children. I felt like Bro. Andersen often put the focus where it is most needed. He is humble and intelligent, caring and encouraging. I know we have not talked all that much, but his example to me came to mind when reading this scripture. 

So what matters to me? My Savior and Redeemer, I know that He has never given up on me. I feel blessed and know that without a doubt my family matters to me. I feel like people come into my life for a reason and they make a place for me in their heart. I know that is all that needs to matter. May the Lord be with you! 

Hermana Hansen

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