Monday, February 27, 2012

This Doesn't Only Happen In the Movies

Saturday night, at around 8:30 our neighbor hurriedly knocks on our door. Hey can I used your bathroom?! I am locked out of my apartment. Sure my room mates and I say. She leaves for her date who comes and picks her up at our Apartment (I know random). Then we are just talking and Holly is like, "our toilet sounds weird." She walks around the corner and EYES WIDE is like guys!!! We come around the corner to see our entire hall way, bathroom, and back two bedrooms flooded! Yes flooded. It is about a foot deep in water. Holly and I instantly kick off our socks and pull our pants up inside out." NO! What is ruined?" Runs through our thoughts as we wade through who knows how dirty of water. Holly ends up loosing her ipod and phone charger. Mine and Dallas back packs got ruined as well as Dallas's entire ipod. Fareaking out, we gather all of our stuff and start moving every thing to our front living space. Later the water is soaking into our carpet as we wait for the janitorial staff to come and vacuuming up all the water and emptying it outside. What an adventure. That night we all slept in the front room while the fan blew loud and long. Dallas did not sleep one wink.
Then just today Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 I was casually washing the dishes. To my surprise and horror I felt a twinge of sorts and pulling my hand out of the water, it was gushing blood in an enormous amount! Freaking out, called for Holly. Hearing my freaked out voice, she came and evaluated the situation then set to work repairing me. It hurt so badly! I started feeling woozy and nauseated, Holly held me in focus best she could, but I went into shock. Losing control over my body and which way was up, I fell to the floor, focus was uncontrollable I felt weak, Holly was an angel, she helped me regain focus and breathe deeply.
Later (10 minutes) I was in the Health Center, getting prepped for stitches. I attained 5 strong stitches for my cut. They said it went deep and that they had seen worse. For me this was bad--my worse. Exhaustion over came me. All I wanted was Holly or my Mom. Neither which they let me have. The needles and pain. I am such a baby I know! Yet honestly I found something about myself, I can tolerate pain and I nearly faint at my own blood.
Who knew that today would be so eventful when I woke up this morning....
Thank you Lord for not taking my whole finger, for allowing me to feel comforted by thy hand, and for assisting the doctors in sewing my finger up effectively. Thank you for still allowing me to be able to do the things I love like playing my cello or even writing in my journal. I am blessed to have a calm, "nurse major" room mate who was there to help me, and another room mate who helped me laugh and keep my focus off my injury.

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