Sunday, April 15, 2012

Puddles to Peaks

I am so happy. Why? Because I just accomplished my first semester and pass/excelled in all my classes! I am grateful to now know--I can do hard things! College. It is difficult, (no duh) but it is different for every person. We go through different trials and problems. We have different room mates then our neighbors do. We also have a lot of different "why me moments". Like I got super sick with Broncitis and a sinus infection and then got my finger cut open. I was in the Health Care center way too much this last semester.

There is also a feeling of change in my life. I feel great. Like I have so much in front of me. I feel like my next mountain is right in front of me. My dad told me, don't stop and make puddles at the bottom, (he meant crying...). Get on your hiking boots and hike. Work for it! See you at the top sweetie!" I love that. He has been through these mountains. He is now encouraging me on wards and up wards. I see my next mountain. Here. I. Come. =]

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