Monday, March 5, 2012

Free to Be Me

Today was one of the best days. Even though I was running all over campus and not really having any time to rest or think about anything else but the task at hand. Yet the whole day I felt like me! I truly feel like because I focused on the right things Heavenly Father blessed me this day. It was a beautiful bright day, the sun was warming and the wind less violent, and I truly felt confident as I went about my day. Not only that but I pushed my "loosen up button" (as my mom calls it) and enjoyed giggling and being structurally random (if there is such a thing). Today was an all around good day.

A smile from up above :) carried me through the day!
It was not challenge to sing, dance, and pray.
I am me, it is who God wants me to be.
Open all your doors,
who knows what way God will take you.
Perhaps over a rainbow or through purple moors.
Yet I have found this day,
that my trust in God will remain and stay.

Poetry on the spot, it is within my thoughts :) I do hope a day may come your way, in which you can sing, dance, and pray! Let yourself be you! For if you aren't, then who will be?

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